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What we do

We are a visual content producer, designer and technician. We have the ability to distribute content on our own interactive and immersive platform.

We define content as a part of or entirely one of the following:



>Theatre and performance art

>Immersive and Interactive

>Live performance

>Industrial Presentations



Specialized capturing (aerial, underwater, specialized framerate)


:We define Design as



-Functional and technical application

-Content production workflow

We define technician as:


  • For us technicians and artists are connected and related in their vision
  • R&D with creative and artistic purpose to invent innovative new visual surprises
  • One take live performance and theatre or cinematic capture separate or all as one is our cup of tea.
  • We treat the visual display or a person’s naked eye as the same border of perception. What drives us to create live visual surprises on stage motivates us to be creative with ”in camera” visual surprises with a good portion of post-production during the capture without delay.


We define distribution on interactive platform as:

What we produce and perform in our MILIEU World centers we distribute live  when performed, interactively , immersive or as programs  on demand, on our own designed platform.

Our Mission

In 2011 our team at Rebel Eyes Multimedia (now Percept Art media) believed that visual and performance content production applied to entertainment, marketing and general industry needed a serious transformative stimulus. This turned into a quest to find the perfect  “Innovation in artistic work-flow.” This motivation for change resulted in the introduction of Percept Art™ nine years ago.  Percept Art became such an important part of our workflow that our company morphed into Percept Art Media.

Percept Art™ is a gestalt method in media and perception. It is an epistemic method that motivates artistic synergy directly with audience perception in any form of content production. Percept Art™ applies cutting edge technology together with a formulated artistic approach within a methodical work flow, instilling a creative high quality, cost effective content. This content has the possibility of being in the form of intermedia, interactive and immersive, both when performed live or seen as captured content.

We design and form the workflow of our content following and according to its function stretching the possibilities of the budget.

Percept Art is not a new invention. It is a method that causes a new attitude toward the process of creativity. At Percept Art Media our artist are becoming aware of possibilities by constantly learning new techniques outside the boundaries of their art, and in turn our technicians are becoming more inclined to learn different arts.

Percept Art method creates this bond between art and technique by defining a workflow that allows information from previous R&D’s to be applied to a basic formula. Thus becoming epistemic. Percept Art pivots deeply around the boundaries of the perceptive intellect of the the audience, keeping the focus of the message in the content.

How we function

[Concept U] ÷ ∫∫ Artistic Form Δ Technical Form (Sight ∝ Sound ∝ Form ∝ Subject ∝ Intellect) ∑ ≈ g [Perception U]

Percept Art Media specializes in the functional implementation of all available elements of visualization, technology and design to achieve the best intended perception for the content’s end-user or audience.

Percept-Art™ model is now fully integrated in our “innovative artistic workflow” allowing form to smoothly follow function. This approach makes the method very fluid. Percept Art Media has four divisions complementing each other in one integrated workflow on one project, or simultaneously capable of working individual projects in line with each divisiion’s specialty. Projects are developed in house or work for hire.

To allow an even displacement in management, technical aspects and cost overhead we have created a platform for a consortium of international strategic partnership. We are ready to invite to join our projects, the best producers, developers and visual effects currently contributing to the progression of Immersive, Interactive, Augmented and virtual Medium. Our percept Art workflow allows these collaborations to be seamless in every aspect of the workflow.

This strategic partnership has given us the ability to become a top international producer for visual content, live performance, theatre,  simulations, industrial and marketing presentations.

Our group

PERCEPT ART MEDIA divisions have the following specialties


PERCEPT ART PERFORMANCE is the group that specializes in designing, managing and directing live performances that include Theatre, Concerts, Performance Art, Industrial Presentations, Marketing Presentations, and Sports Events. Percept Art Media will take on projects with content that is primarily driven by visual, interactive and immersive innovation. Projects are both produced in-house as well as work for hire. Physical Movement Choreography (PMC) is also an extension of this group. PMC is a design and consultation team for subject movement against a virtual and sensor sensitive capturing environment.


REBEL EYES FILMWORK is the group that specializes in longform feature films production, audience interactive series, as well as specialized capturing of content as work for hire. This includes 360˙ capturing, Volumetric capturing, time laps capturing, super slow motion, underwater capturing, aerial drone capturing, aerial helicopter capturing and second unit action, direction and production.


Percept Art Image Factory is a specialized R&D team that focuses on several innovative technical aspects of content production. The objectives of the Percept Art method makes immersive content production and the next generation of virtual reality, such as the Metaverse a natural avenue for us to explore.

Recently large conglomerates have naturally begun investing in the Immersive realm. Such financial moves have caused the hardware and software innovations accelerate. Like past transformative experiences charged by heavy conglomerated finance, content is having a problem keeping up. The rush to fill the content void is causing ideas and creativity in general to be shallow in quality for the time being. Furthermore, the hardware and software is focusing on the technical workflow aspects, leaving a cavity in the reality of the actual production workflow above and below the line. This lack of content creativity will cause the loss of consumer interest, hence deaccelerating the overall progress.

The Percept Art Method is designed to approach the actual physical content production methodically and pragmatically. Supported by constant R&D, we have been driving our content in the direction of interactive and Immersive since almost a decade ago. This has put us ahead of the game in regards to current creative content production creativity.

One of our strategic partners at Percept Art Media and Milieu World is Arioti, headed by CEO Dariush Hafezalkotob. Dariush is also a key technical director at Percept Art Media. Together we have been actively busy with R&D in innovative media since 2006. At Arioti during the past seven years Dariush has produced and completed content in Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality in a different direction from the game industry. Our creative and technical synergy has pushed us toward bringing live actors into a perfect world of immersive reality.

Aspendos by Arioti was one of the firsts of its kind in educational and tourism VR uploaded on YouTube since 2016. 

Now we continue our quest with the development of our immersive and interactive platform by mid 2022, simultaneously venturing in the Metaverse. Our goal is to keep the content we produce for the immersive realm to interact with real people with in the content. Milieu World will soon be able be capable to involve the participant physically and directly as well as virtually.

Aspendos can also be seen at : 


Milieu is an international word that shares the same meaning of “Congregation” in several European languages.

Milieu was originally designed as a complete interactive multi use performance and presentation environment known as The Milieu Center. Milieu became a natural addition the Percept Art Media, while keeping The Milieu Center still as an independent franchise. Percept Art Milieu supports the Milieu environment by managing the content produced at The Milieu Center as well as managing the interactive platform and the distribution of content on such platforms.

Our roots

Rebel Eyes Entertainment Company (now known as Percept Art media)  was founded in 2005 by Aladdin Pojhan a forty year veteran in the film and performance art industry. Pojhan has been involved in all aspects of content production and has been credited to a few firsts particularly in the technical and production content workflow. During the past forty years Pojhan witnessed the evolution of the business both in production and distribution from analogue to digital at times playing a role in this evolution.

Since his college years Pojhan was a loyal follower of the Weimer Bauhaus ”approach” to art an design. That method of approach now over a hundred years old bridges technical knowledge and art. The search for what Pojhan calls “Innovative artistic workflow” has continued since after the first year he worked as a professional filmmaker and theatre technician in 1980. Budget limitations in contradiction to unlimited creativity caused the use of anything including utensils to make an idea work on the film and theatre stage. When fresh new ideas worked it was totally exciting and satisfying thus making the quest even more sensible. During the past forty years there were a few of these moments in their own right that actually helped impact the film, stage, commercial and industrial content.

In 1997 Pojhan founded Bauhaus Entertainment Group. In late 1999 Bauhaus EG became a partner company within the German “Das Werk” public conglomerate. This joint venture became a power house until 2003 ending with the closure of the Nuer Markt Stock Exchange, where Das Werk stocks were public. During the four years the Das Werk family consisted of more than fifty companies in six countries all working as strategic partners. Some of the projects in cinema can be seen listed in


Percept Art Media is a fluid entity. We work in a complex and competitive industry. To remain on top, constantly requires cutting edge technical and artistic skills parallel with fresh creativity. This is true in regards to how a content is produced and  also distributed.

All Percept Art Media arms individually have a measured management and marketing design supporting the artistic and technical purpose of that arm. This makes the total workflow seamless, whether the specific arm is working on one cumulative project with the other arms or on an individual project. So we see our Vision and Goal actually as a visionary goal. Content production live or captured has a constantly evolving nature because the end user/audience is evolving and so is their demand. That means the innovative content producer has to be constantly aware of content trend as well as all available tech forms to stay ahead of the wave.


2021 has brought some big changes for our company, which will continue into the second quarter of 2022. After incorporating the Percept Art method into our workflow, we realized that it will bring some serious transformative changes to the overall quality of our content. Furthermore, we felt that the Percept Art could cause similar changes in the wider sense for the international content production community and industry.

Consequently, we decided to expand Percept Art from being a division of our eighteen year old brand Rebel Eyes Media to becoming the main brand now named Percept Art Media and changing the original Rebel Eyes Media to Rebel Eyes Filmworks as a division of Percept Art Media.

This in turn resulted in a complete revamp of the company structure on a corporate level. Percept Art Media now has four renamed divisions: Percept Art Performance, Rebel Eyes Filmworks, Percept Art Image Factory, and Percept Art Milieu. The latter is the management and creative division of the Milieu World franchise and the www.Milieu.World interactive and immersive distribution platform.

We used the general downtime or slow-time for content production during the past two Covid years to make these changes. Currently each division is focused on development of the overall structure of the company.

Percept Art Performance and Rebel Eyes Filmworks are focused on the development of volumetric content both for stage and content capture now in development.

Rebel Eyes Filmworks is also very focused on starting production on the feature film Untime which has been delayed due to the location restrictions as a result of the Covid 19. The delays have caused a complete recast due to schedule as well as an updated rewrite of the screenplay.

Percept Art Image Factory is diligently focused on R&D on our workflow as well as technical aspects of the Milieu Center structure. Percept Art Milieu is focused on the development and financial securement of Milieu sites in Greece, Spain, Turkey, Cyprus and recently Portugal.

If the Covid 19 restrictions steady off so that consistency is found in European social norm we expect that our content production workflow to deliver at least two projects by the beginning of Spring 2022, and that at least two of the five Milieu sites to be delivered by the end of 2022. Regardless platform will be open for business by end of May of 2022.   

Our Current disclosable Projects



Based on the original Bram Stoker book published in 1897, DARACULA is presented as a major musical theatre performance.

The playbook written by Negar Azarbayjani is original with a fresh look at the classical characters. The performance is directed by Ms. Azarbayjani with Aladdin Pojhan as technical director and production designer. The original music is written and performed by Reza Yazdani as Dracula, along side of some of the best known Iranian actors.

This version of Dracula is a major theatre production by any international Standards and it is completely original in every aspect. The known classical characters of the book are interpreted with identities that adapt with modern day social issues.

The fresh method of Percept Art  add  a new visual  approach and design to this show not seen before complemented by an interactive distribution platform.

The shows music composition is fresh and completely  original, designed in a manner that is adapted to the Iranian culture yet likeable and fresh to an international audience’s ear.


Chaos is a visual performance and theatrical collaboration between Aydin Mazmi and Aladdin Pojhan. Chaos is about a physical and emotional voyage through a chaotic realm. Xerxes and Harmony are resolute to adventure away from a life of pressure and a claustrophobic society. Every next destination seems to bring with its “good” a chaos of a different kind. To a point were chaos becomes a monotony. It is unclear whether they keep running away from Chaos, or actually carry Chaos within their psyche. Is the running away part of this puzzle? A collage of songs, music and visuals with a character driven theatrical format will tell it as it is, poking at our dysfunctional social norm that is throwing the natural norm of our planet into disarray. Can Xerxes find Harmony.

Please wait until loaded

Pirates of Zanzibar

The one common aspect  between Pirates of Zanzibar and Pirates of the Caribbean is that they are both good humored and fun. Pirates of Zanzibar like Percept Art Media’s other performance projects are designed for its interactive platform distribution. However the live performance like Dracula and The Return of The Little Prince are full of spectacular effects making this original artistic project also very entertaining.

The Return of The Little Prince

Many years have passed since the Little Prince has visited our Blue Planet. Much has changed on our planet since then.

This visit was unplanned and accidental. He meets up with a young group who introduce themselves as a Metaverse revolutionary gang. His  memories about his last visit and his take about the real universe in contrast to the metaverse this set of characters live in makes a perfect setting for humor and a motivating story highlighting a new social norm.


Untime is a feature film in late stages of development. The film is to be directed by Aladdin Pojhan and the screenplay was written by Sanaz Bayan, Hamid Azarang and Aladdin Pojhan.

Iliad’s attempt to save the life of another does not fair well for him, now his remaining breath is his only measure to what is left of his own existence. As imminent death becomes a reality a surreal inner calm sets the stage during his descend into the deep ocean. In that instant he becomes the audience to pivotal segments of his own life sometimes as they should have been. During these moments of contrast he realize how blind he was to the love and sacrifice of Nahid.


PARAGON is perhaps the first interactive VOD series that requires direct  audience participation. In fact the audience play one of the characters in the story. This modern day action packed series takes place during present times and is designed for the Milieu Interactive platform.

The audience is quickly hooked into the story and becomes motivated in driving the story forward. The audience can partake individually, part of a team or as an entire family. The participation factor is not any different than video games. Except here the setting is with real actors in a real world. The motivation is a mega price that can be won. To get there you will pick up useful hints in everyday life in between the live episodes. But to open the key to the price will require a lot of research into history, geography and anthropology.


Man’s curiosity, pride and his willingness to endure extreme physical and mental challenges have created legendary competitive events amongst athletes and explorers throughout human history. Rebels@8000 is a series of immersive sometimes interactive documentaries featuring such explorations and challenges focusing on the “underdogs”. The last episode Serenity@8000 will be a feature film based on the life of Leila Esfandiari, who was lost after summiting the 8045m Broad Peak.In most cases these challenges take place despite serious sponsor backup, defining the athlete or explorer as amateur instead of professional. Here lies the dilemma in the definition of professionals who are not defined by their skills but by their income.


First episode : Trango, the Nameless Tower

In the Karakorum range of the Himalayas, a group of rock towers feature some of the highest cliffs in the world. Located between the Trango Glacier and the Dunge Glacier, the Trango Towers lure those seeking to push human limits. The high degree of difficulty has led to some dramatic climbs and the fewest of summits amongst legendary mountains. The Nameless Tower is a huge pointed spire jutting 1000 meters from the ridgeline which starts at 5000 meters. This 6,286 meter granite tower was first climbed in 1976. Only 70 summits later in 2012, a team of Iranian climbers summited Trango successfully and managed it within one of the fastest summits. This created a huge surprise amongst the international mountaineer community because no one expected Iranian climbers to carry out such technical climb let alone with no sponsorship. This was the only successful attempt on the Nameless Tower by any expedition that year. This film is partially shot.

Detective Me

Detective Me is the second interactive VOD series designed for the specialized Milieu Interactive distribution platform.  

Detective Me are real unsolved and solved crime files presented as a docudrama with real actors. Like Paragon the audience is interactively involved and may actually help solve the crime. Subjects are in every aspect of crime that may touch everyday lives. Hence the episodes can actually teach the interactive audience about what to do in real life to avoid becoming a victim themselves.

The audience is involved both in trying to guess the solved criminal mysteries  but also possibly be affective in the unsolved crimes. As ids the case in Paragon, the audience remains busy in between episodes entering the same locations as used in the episodes to discover clues for the next episode.

Percept Art Image Factory is all about using the Percept Art method and workflow to find the best creative and technical solution to push the envelope of possibilities on stage and  in camera capturing.

The Image Factory team is performing constant R&D in areas of Volumetric, the Milieu interactive platform, the Milieu workflow as well as the Milieu Center Venue.

Currently most of our R&D is focused on our platform and our interactive series.

The Percept Art  Milieu group is busy working on two fronts.

1.Part of the group is hard at work on the logistics, development and finance for the Milieu Center franchise. Currently these locations  are focused upon and in serious discussion





2.The other part of the group is working on the development of the international Milieu distribution platform. This group is also collaborating with the other Percept Art group in the development of content for The Milieu center.

Percept Art Media GmbH is a registered German company

Founder: Aladdin Pojhan

Managing Director: Joachim Sturmes


All photographs represent a limited sample of our work to demonstrate our diversity. All photographs are from projects directed or produced, second unit directed, camera operations by Aladdin Pojhan or behind the scenes of such projects.


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