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2021 has brought some big changes for our company. After incorporating the Percept Art method into our workflow, we realized that it will bring some serious transformative changes to the overall quality of our content. Furthermore, we felt the potential of our workflow and the Percept Art method causing similar changes in the wider sense of the international content production community and industry.

Consequently, we decided to expand Percept Art from being a division of our eighteen year old brand Rebel Eyes Multimedium to becoming the main brand now named Percept Art Media and changing the original Rebel Eyes Media to Rebel Eyes Filmworks as a division of Percept Art Media.

This in turn resulted in a complete revamp of the company structure on a corporate level. Percept Art Media now has four renamed divisions: Percept Art Performance, Rebel Eyes Filmworks, Percept Art Image Factory, and Percept Art Milieu. The latter is the management and creative division of the Milieu World franchise and the www.Milieu.World interactive and immersive distribution platform.

We used the general downtime or slow-time for content production during the past Covid year to make these changes. Currently each division is focused on development of the overall structure of the company. Percept Art Performance and Rebel Eyes Filmworks are focused on the development of volumetric content both for stage and content capture now in development. Percept Art Image Factory is diligently focused on R&D on our workflow as well as technical aspects of the Milieu Center structure. Percept Art Milieu is focused on the development and financial closure of Milieu sites in Greece, Spain, Turkey, Cyprus and recently Portugal.

If the Covid 19 restrictions steady off so that consistency is found in European social norm we expect that our content production workflow to deliver at least two projects by the beginning of Spring 2022, and that at least two of the five Milieu sites to be delivered by the end of summer of 2022. Regardless platform will be open for business by May of 2022.   

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