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is the group that specializes in designing, managing and directing live performances that include Theatre, Concerts, Performance Art, Industrial Presentations, Marketing Presentations, and Sports Events. Percept Art Media will take on projects that are primarily specialized in content that are driven in visual interactive innovations and storytelling. Projects are both produced in-house as well as work for hire. Physical Movement Choreography (PMC) is also an extension of this group. PMC is a design and consultation team for subject movement against a virtual and sensor sensitive capturing environment.



is the group that specializes in longform feature films production, audience interactive series, as well as specialized capturing of content as work for hire. This includes 360˙ capturing, Volumetric capturing, time laps capturing, super slow motion, underwater capturing, aerial drone capturing, aerial helicopter capturing and second unit action, direction and production.



is a specialized R&D team that focuses on several innovative technical aspects of content production. These include specialized in camera effects, virtual and augmented reality content, Volumetric, Scanning, simulations, interactive screens and sensors, large screen 3D projection and warping inclusive of content and performance, full animation, live holographic effects and robotics.



is an international word that shares the same meaning an environment for congregation in several European languages. Milieu was originally designed as a complete interactive multi use performance and presentation environment known as The Milieu Center. Milieu became a natural addition the Percept Art Media, while keeping The Milieu Center still as an independent franchise. Percept Art Milieu supports the Milieu environment by managing the content produced at The Milieu Center as well as managing the interactive platform and the distribution of content on such platforms.

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